First State Announces Skills Program

Newark, Del. — First State Ice Hockey, LLC is excited to announce the creation of the Accelerated Skills Advancement Program (ASAP), a highly structured skill development program for youth hockey players of all positions.

Each player will be assessed based on their current skill level. Individual developmental needs will be identified, and players will be grouped with other players having similar developmental needs. Highly focused clinics will be conducted based on the needs of each given group, helping players “graduate” to successive levels in the program.

“This approach is unique to what is offered in our area,” said Frank Catterton, FSIH chief financial officer and a 12-year veteran of administrative boards for youth sports organizations. “We believe that individual attention and intense focus on specific skills will provide a high return on the time and money invested by players and their families.”

The clinics will be run by FSIH hockey director Sean Cannon, along with FSIH coaching staff and skill-specific coaching experts.

“I am excited to be able to work with players in an environment were they can grow their skills,” Cannon said. “This program gives players the ability to take ownership of their own game.”

ASAP will be open to all youth hockey players of all skill levels, regardless of club or school affiliation. Further information regarding the registration process for initial player assessment, along with specific dates, times and locations, will be announced in the coming weeks.

(First State Ice Hockey)

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