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Delaware Hockey Night, through its online presence at and Delaware Hockey Night Radio has quickly made an impact on how you — our readers and listeners — stay up to date on collegiate, scholastic, and club hockey in the First State. Take advantage of our growing audience of over 6,000 listens last season and thousands of readers by becoming a DHN sponsor!

Sponsorship packages are available for every budget, ranging from title sponsorship of Delaware Hockey Night Radio to on-air live reads and banner ads on our site! The options are truly limitless.

Once again, Delaware Hockey Night will provide full coverage of the University of Delaware men’s Division 2 hockey team, along with increased coverage of the Blue Hens’ men’s Division 1, men’s Division 3 and women’s Division 2 teams. High school and club hockey in and around Delaware will round out the 2018-19 coverage, with radio schedules to be released in the second half of summer.

To inquire, email us at And be sure to follow Delaware Hockey Night on Facebook and Twitter!

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